Making Repeater With ICOM 2100H

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Posted by: Bang Jefri eaction Updated at: 10.29
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Making Repeater With ICOM 2100H - Greetings to all friends briker wherever they are, on this occasion I want to share with my friends, about how membuatan Repeater with radio Icom IC-2100H, apologize in advance if this article distasteful for you, there is no other intention in article this just share how to make Deconvolution birthday, at least be able to understand the workings of the repeater re transmit.

Articles make repeater ​​with a radio Icom IC-2100, is not so perfect when compared with brended product, that is using a device made ​​specifically for the repeater (retransmit) like radios motorola and others.

The workings Repeater

Repeater can be interpreted from word the (repeat-er) that means, repeating, repeating the words now is indeed not repeat the conversation that has been spoken (which has passed), but received voice resubmitted with greater transmit power.

Long story short if there is a small signal radiated from a distant place, can be sure will not be able to communicate with the other person whose position far apart anyway, let alone the person is talking through a handheld radio transceiver HT.

Simple logic repeater working principle, receive and transmit, meaning that there should be two devices that can work together at the same time, working here means received signal is then transmitted at the same time.  Below are pictures Repeater that I created by using cover secondhand computer, computer CPU pentium two which is not used anymore.


From the pictures it appears there are two aircraft ICOM2100H, position it is located right in the spot CDRom, Basically all radio devices can be used as a repeater, but there are some technical things that influence as beam quality, sensitivity, and so forth.

1. COR Circuit

Before the device is put into the cpu case, there are some additional components or circuits that need to exist, or equipped so that both devices can cooperate, where the circuit commonly known as the COR, COR will serve as a suppressor PTT TX on the aircraft transmitter order to radiate, Rangkaian this cast works automatically when the cos sinyal from radio-rx, plane receiver logic low, lane cor can be taken from audio mute rx radio. Example circuit schematic cast, which is very simple can be made easily,


From the picture schematic circuit  cor above very simple and use existing components are also easy to obtain, the circuit can be mounted on a small box / small box (box the pen), attach the cable to the mic and the sound from the device using a cable head to minimize noise. Loudness settings that are emitted can be done by turning the 10K pot on the circuit and can also be set from the volume, that is emitted RXnya if the voice sounded Over,

Pin Cos COS in the circuit connected to the RX plane, while it is taken from the Audio Out jack located behind the plane. PTT line is connected to the TX aircraft also connected to the MIC in pasawat TXnya.

COR circuit above can also be mounted directly on the Radio RX, by connecting directly to the COS or mute audio from radio RX, for voice lines connect directly to the amplifier input, without having to be installed in the box again, so it is more practical.

2. The used aircraft Radio



Radio schematics ic-200h looks pathway for audio mute, 2100H Icom radio when open, remove the cable from the pin if the circuit cornya made ​​out, but if the circuit is mounted directly cornya need to spend COS cable directly to the RJ45 cable to connect directly to the device TXnya.nah of circuit and the above scheme may is clear and everything is back ketaman-friend would be made in person or on the radio outside of radio,

after everything is installed both the cor and audio circuits if necessary there Penamabahan, but in this article is no additional audio amplifier (Opamp), because the resulting sound is strong enough to be sent to the next

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