Flip-Flop With Timer IC 555

Flip-flop with timer 555 ic for creat flashing light led - Studying and knowing the electronic components to be an expert, should start from the hobby, ranging from making simple circuits, such as making two units of LED lights different colors.

How to make two pieces of flashing lights using IC 555 timer?

Actually a lot of articles and sample circuit schematics to make LED lights flip-flop, using multiple transistors and some even specially made by using a microcontroller so that flashing lights can be set as desired the with programming language.

the site eaction - this time a little sharing with colleagues-colleagues how do ways make flip-flop with using the ic timer NE 555, which many sold in the market (store electronics) with price which reasonably cheap.

Schematic drawings simple circuit using IC 555 timer

rangkaian flip-flop 555

From the picture above flip-flop circuit using a single IC timer 555, wherein the electronic components IC NE 555, is commonly known as IC Timer, because it can produce plusa rate (clock), which can be set from the value of the combination of resistance and capacitance capsitor.

Many LED circuit using a 555 timer as a clock timing example like making (read: running led with cmos 4017, and the flip-flop TTL STC with 74 164.) and many more applications led flip-flop using a timer ne 555.

Artikel flip-flop dengan menggunakan timer 555 ini dapat dijadikan awal untuk belajar mengenal komponen elektronika, dan menjadi hoby.
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Rabu, 28 November, 2012 ×

thanks utk artikelnya.

Kamis, 24 April, 2014 ×

makasih juga waktunya mau sharing


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